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Speciality colour compounding

Polymers can be put through the compounding process to not only colour but include additives such as anti static, uv protection, flame retardants. fillers such as minerals, glass etc can also be added. Compounding is particuarly suited to applications where accuracy of colour is paramount.

Toll Compounding

Plascolour can toll compound customers material whether it be virgin or regrind. If regrind is supplied for toll compounding it is essential that it is free from contamination and can be run without major problems.

Colour Masterbatch

Masterbatch is a form of colour concentrate supplied in granule form that can be added to polymer to enable the processor to produce coloured products in a cost effective way.

Masterbatch can be used in virtually all polymers. it can be supplied as polymer specific or in a universal form suitable for a number of polymers. masterbatch is typically added at between 1% and 3% dependent on colour and the polymer being processed.

Additive Masterbatch

As with colour masterbatch this is a cost effective method but also includes additive that provide many benefits including UV stabiliser, laser marking, anti static and blowing agents.